Stonespass refers to the geographical area that stretchs from the southern most portion of the Fire Mountains to the northernmost portion of the Dead Rock Mountains. It forms the informal political barrier between the Vastian Republic and the [[Co-Ul Empire]] .

The mountains to the North and South, as well as the presence of the River of the Gods makes troop movement through Stonespass difficult and restricted. Because of this, the ability or lack thereof to gain holdings on the opposing bank of this river has been pivotal in the development of wars for millenia.

Stonespass was of pivotal importance in:

The War of Demonfire (1250-1350)
The Eighty Years War (2818-2890)
The Great War (3115-3165)

Stonespass is also called:

Haksharik (Chak-Shah-Reek) lit. “The Swamp” or, more romantically “The Field of Waters” Halfling

Se’shiou (See-She-Yoh) lit. “The Place Beyond the Woods” Elven

Ka’a Zaran (Kah-Ah Zah-Ran) lit. “The Large Area to the North” Dwarven

Shesasha (Sheh-Sah-Sha) lit. “The Burning Field” Draconic


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