The Northfield Adventuring Company is a new company following a rising business trend; the hiring of independent groups of Aethermarks, individuals of incredible capability, to perform tasks that require special talents. Northfield is the largest city north of Co-Ul, the capital of the expansive Co-Ul Empire. Northfield serves as the primary distribution point of agricultural goods in the Co-Ul Empire. It borders on the traditional barrier between Dragonborn and Human sections of the Co-Ul Empire-a conventional separation that is rapidly deteriorating. Northfield is also very near the border to the Vastian Republic, enemy of the Empire in the Great War that ended only 30 years ago.

Since the end of the Great War, the world has changed rapidly; massive loss of life lead to a redistribution of wealth and a general depopulation. Many villages lie empty, as testament to the lives lost. Larger percentages of the population are moving to cities to leave behind the dead villages where they lived and to take advantage of recently available space. This shift has caused explosive growth in some major cities.

The end of the Great War coincided with major discoveries of hygenic theory, and the nature of disease control. Though basic, this understnading of hygene has lead to the implementation of some basic public health provisions which have proved greatly beneficial. Coupled with recent agricultural innovations, this increase in hygene has lead to a rather rapid repopulation, though the world is far from replenished.

The two great nations of the world, the Vastian Republic and the [[Co-Ul Empire]] continue to arm against one another, and tensions are rising quickly. The hotly contested no-man’s land of Stonespass reaches from the Fire Mountains, home to the Dragonborn, to the Dead Rock Mountains, the home of the Dwarves; garrisons gather at the border to prepare for the worst. The Republic controls all east of Stonespass, the Great Forest of the Elves, the Fey Woods of the Eladrin, and the Northern Isles of the Tieflings; The [[Co-Ul Empire]] controls all to the west, the Dead Rock Mountains, the Fire Mountains, and the Far Desert of the Halflings.

As tensions rise, Aethermarks have found themselves disenfranchised. The Republic, fearing the possibility of tyranny, has banned Aethermarks from entering public service and all state-run academies. Anti-Aethermark riots are becoming increasingly common in the Republic, despite the lack of a reliable method of identifying Aethermarks. The Co-Ul Empire has been hesitant to form any permanent connection to Aethermarks for fear of coup d’etat if they were to gain power. But the same power that makes the feared as citizens makes them invaluable as soldiers. And so the adventuring companies are born.

Adventuring companies allow for nations to utilize Aethermark populations while keeping themselves removed and safe. The unlimited learning capacity of the Aethermark, coupled with their ability to learn from themselves more rapidly than many can learn from others, makes them a potent force. By keeping them from organizing in large numbers, and by preventing entry into public positions, the governments maintain their tenuous control over the world.

The Northfield Adventuring Company is run by a man who refers to himself only as the Manager. A tall, strong man of middle age; the Manager is emotionally detached and refuses to reveal information about himself. He approached the members of the team himself, and recruited them to his company. Belle Adonna, a streetwise Human rogue haunted by memories of her past; Etrixia Mahali Arath, Eladrin ranger hunting a spectre from hers; Phelaia, a Tiefling cleric of Sehanine, Goddess of Love, a victim of her profound wanderlust; Ellete Halfspeak, the personable friend-of-all Half-Elven Wizard who discovered for herself the secrets of the arcane; and Rena the Halfling Warlock who called to herself the knowledge of what lies beyond the cosmos; Sidney, the Half-Elven Wizard who despite his penchant for drinking, is always a faithfull ally; and Shoshana the Elven Fighter, a great warrior who knows that a warrior’s strength comes from defending her allies.

Together these seven adventurers form the Northfield Adventuring Company; seven strangers whose pasts and futures are inextricably intertwined. If they can realize their potential, and come to function as a unit; the will change the world. If the can’t, well, they can still make some coin.